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Our Story

The best moments are really those spent with my small family members where there is room just for big and noble emotions of love, warmth, and sacrifice. I deeply experience the same feelings with God’s gift and my hope in this life- My Dearest Twins. Whenever they come back from school, I earnestly used to welcome them with various types of cookies made by my plain rolling pin. Like any hustling mother, I strongly believe that nothing can quench my thirst for their happiness and ease of mind except my dedication and commitment to do everything that could make my children more vigorous until an amazing idea came to my mind: why not adding an artistic touch to my simple rolling pin. Hence I thought of engraving magic patterns on the rolling pin so that my cakes could look more attractive to my children. With the help of a talented carpenter, I arrived at bringing a magic rolling pin into existence. My children become highly fascinated by the beautiful patterns of the cookies which will stand as their ideal appetizer.

I feel very energized when I see happiness shining from their glamorous eyes and an authentic smile pictured on their innocent faces.

I devoted myself to widespread this secret all over the world and make it accessible to all mothers and by doing so I will succeed in sharing happiness and smile with other children whose right to learn is no longer less than their right to lead an enjoyable and healthy life.

Today I become highly aware that with the power of our good intentions and the Internet we can not only share ideas and information we can also share pleasant moments with each other. Apparently, I try to feed my children with delicious cakes but by using the rolling pin

I succeed in feeding them with everlasting emotions that really make them grow- love and affection. This outcome is natural because this tool itself is crafted with love.

With this magic rolling pin you are in no need to urge your children to eat or oblige them to have other appetizers that might hurt their health.

Our Vision:

myRoPin brand vision is to add an artistic touch to the bakery industry, where consumers are respected

We help mothers of the world who are still struggling for urging their beloved kids to have healthy food and tired of using chemical appetizers by an everlasting and natural medium.    

myRoPin is the result of the unification of three major benefits: we combine stimulating children’s desire for eating, stirring their memory and electrifying their hearts in one solution and enable customers to gain control of their kids’ potentials in one central place – our integrated human needs tool.

myRoPin is more than a bakery utensil. Our experts have discovered a creative and natural way that will make of a simple kitchen instrument an extraordinary tool that stands as an appetizer, memorizer and an energizer at the same time.

myRoPin rolling pins are 100% NATURAL.